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Strataprobe Technical Information

Direct Push Operations


TEG's STRATAPROBE™ sampling system is a hydraulic and percussion drive-point unit.  Applications for STRATAPROBE™ include sampling of soil, soil vapor, groundwater and the installation of small diameter water wells, vapor wells and sparge points.  The sampling unit is mounted on a four wheel drive, low profile truck.  A 12' mast height and compact overall size allows sampling in previously inaccessible locations.  STRATAPROBE™ is a quicker and more powerful than other direct-push systems, and is more cost effective and cleaner than conventional drilling methods.


Soil Sampling
STRATAPROBE™ obtains both continuous and discrete soil samples using a combination piston/split barrel sampler.  The piston prevents the sampler from filling as it is advanced to depth.


  • No cuttings
  • Continuous coring
  • Discrete interval sampling
  • Split barrel sampler
  • Brass, stainless steel, or acetate liners

Soil Vapor Sampling
The soil vapor collection systems uses a steel vapor tip that is shielded during the driving process.  Once the desired sampling depth is reached, vapor is sampled via a small diameter tubing which runs down the center of the drive rod.


  • EPA and RWQCB accepted
  • Depths to 50 feet
  • Inert 1/8" (low dead volume) sampling tubing
  • Easy to decontaminate

Groundwater Sampling
Groundwater is collected with a variety of tools including a bailer, downhole pump, or in-situ water sampler.  Groundwater gradients are determined by installation of small-diameter piezometers.


  • Low turbidity samples
  • Stainless steel screen
  • Installation of temporary "Mini-Wells"
  • Vertical water gradients










Truck dimensions: 8.0' x 21'

Mast height: 12'

15° angle boring capability

Sample preparation area

Decontamination equipment